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Research registration at Roskilde University: Projects

Project Registration

As a researcher at Roskilde University, you have the opportunity to present and disseminate projects via Pure. This applies to all types of projects, regardless of area, financing, size and the number of people involved.

It is important for the profiling of RUC that you present both larger and smaller projects, both PhD projects, smaller internal projects and larger projects that have received external grants. The updating of projects can be used to disseminate your work and showcase your research network. For some grants, it is also a requirement to create a webpage for the project. This can to some extent be solved via Pure (

In addition to describing the project and presenting documents and links, a project page can showcase both internal and external partners and the organizations they represent. You can also indicate which role you and the other researchers have in the project (project manager, participant, etc.). You must also state whether the project is a research project, consultancy project or something else, as well as indicate a project period.

RUC works to register and present projects that work within the UN SDG's. We encourage that you associate SDG's with the project, as well as relevant subject words.

One of Pure's strengths is the ability to link relevant content. You can thus associate registered entries from the modules Prices, Publications, Press/media and even other Projects, which then appear in the view in the portal. Conversely, the project can also be related to, for example, Activities, Publications, etc. and exhibited together with this content. Projects are also included in Pure's CV module.


Please follow the below link to access a manual describing the registration of Projects in Pure:

If you have any questions about projects in Pure, please contact