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Research registration at Roskilde University: Research registration

When are employed at RUC, you must register all your publication output in PURE. Other research related output can also be registered in PURE, including reception of prizes and participation in conferences and research projects. All universities in Denmark use PURE as research registration system.

These pages contains relevant information about research registration and Open Access publishing. You will also find guides describing how you build a CV, relevant links etc.

The pages will be continuously expanded with relevant information.


In connection with personal data and GDPR, Roskilde University Library hereby notes that all data from Pure is drawn to the Danish Research Database (NORA) and thus also to the Open Access Indicator (OAI).

You can read more about the Danish Agency for Research and Education's processing of personal data here, and in connection with the Open Access Indicator here.


GDPR and Copyright

The information below is communicated on behalf of Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education for the three systems for which the Agency is responsible; The Danish Research Database and the Open Access Indicator:

"Roskilde University's research portal;, is based on PURE, a CRIS (Current Research Information System) and full text archive offered by Elsevier. Since 2008, RUC has used PURE for research registration. PURE is administered by Roskilde University Library.

Information about publications etc., is registered in Pure and published on RUC's website, and extracted and communicated via a number of other systems, including the Danish Research Database and Open Access indicator, from which the information can be used for analysis purposes.

Read about the Danish Agency for Research and Education's processing of personal data in connection with The Danish Research Database, and the Open Access Indicator

What is registered in Pure?

Since 2009, the Danish universities have registered their research production in PURE. To this, PURE at RUC ideally contains the total research production from 2009 onwards. In addition, some researchers will have reported research of older date.

The registered data in Pure is used for RUC's research evaluation, and thus it is very important that all publications are correctly registered in PURE. Data from PURE is displayed on our research portal af and in The Danish Research Database and is also harvested regularly to Google Scholar.

Please read this manual on good reporting practice in Pure to ensure, that you provide all data necessary:


Link to PURE

The above link gives access to PURE.

PURE can only be accessed with a RUC Single Sign-On. If you are denied access to the system, please contact RUC Servicedesk at