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Research registration at Roskilde University: Contact

The RUCforsk team consists of 4 people who handle all tasks related to the research registration in PURE. We work with support, operation and development of the research registration at Roskilde University, and have the following focus areas:

  • Visibility of research at RU
  • Support and information about the Open Access initiative and make research publications available wherever possible
  • Dissemination and guidance on publishing
  • Report extract for heads of department and management at RU

In addition, we handle the daily operation and support of Pure / RUCforsk in parallel, and assist the personal users and reporting managers with issues concerning research registration. The team also has the overall responsibility for the validation of the research year at Roskilde University.

All questions related to research registration can be addressed to the RUCforsk team at Roskilde University Library

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