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Zotero: Why use Zotero

Reference management

Getting started with Zotero

Zotero makes it easy to build your own library and to create unambiguous in-text citations. It also allows you to automatically make a reference list at the end of a document.

To become a Zotero-user, all you have to do is to go through these four steps.

1. Go to, click on Log In and select Register for a free account

2. Download Zotero from

3. Download the Zotero Connector from
(this i automatically downloaded in step 2, if you are on a Mac)

4. Open the Zotero desktop app and sync the desktop app with your online account.

The free version of Zotero has a storage limit of 300 MB per user.


My Library and Group Libraries

In Zotero, you can either organize your references in My Library, which only you can access, or in Group Libraries, which can be shared.

When creating a group library, you can choose between three different types of groups.These are:

  • Public, Open Membership
    Anyone can view your group online and join the group instantly
  • Public, Closed Membership
    Anyone can view your group online, but members must apply or be invited.
  • Private Membership
    Only members can view your group online and must be invited to join, and you can share full texts such as PDF's.


How to install and use Zotero (Danish)

A video about the most basic features of Zotero

Courses and training

Click the calendar to see the coming Zotero-courses.

By default the Zotero-courses are in Danish, but they will be held in English if wished so by one or more participants.

What does Zotero consist of?

- A desktop application that is locally installed on your computer.

- An online library (cloud storage and group administration)

- A browser plugin that allows you to easily add references to your Zotero-ibrary.

- A word plugin that allows you to cite from references in your Zotero-library.