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Problem-oriented Project Learning PPL: The PPL-Corner

The PPL-Corner is a new exhibition and reflection space for the RUC-model Problem-oriented Project Learning (PPL). It is located at Roskilde University Library. Here students and others interested in the subject can get a quick introduction to PPL. The library wishes for the students to be able to expand their knowledge about the RUC-model. By visiting the PPL-Corner they will get practical and useful knowledge to e.g. reflect on own practice. Teachers as well as other employees are more than welcome to use the corner in their dissemination.

The corner is arranged so that it can be used actively with tables, chairs, a whiteboard and a bulletin board.

The PPL corner is easily accessible on the library's first floor. Here we have collected materials about PPL in the form of books, student projects and journal articles.

On a touch screen, it is possible to search materials about PPL, watch videos from RUC-PPL and to show presentations.