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Literature Search at Roskilde University Library: Other Search Options

In this guide you get an introduction to how and where you can search for literature is the database that covers all materials available through Danish public libraries. Of course most of the materials are in Danish, but the site as well as some materials are in English (or indeed other languages). You can order materials to be collected at your local library or at Roskilde University Library. To borrow books through you need to make a profile using your NemID here. 

NB. does not work well with Boolean operators.

Google search

Use Google to:

  • find ”grey literature”. “Grey literature” can be reports etc. from municipalities, Danish or international authorities or organizations. Frequently reports of this type are not registered in the Library databases and can’t be found this way. 

You shouldn’t use Google to:

  • search for scientific literature. Use the databases and instead.


You can use Wikipedia to: 

  • get a quick, introductory overview of your subject in the beginning of your project. 
  • find new keywords that can help you in your search for reliable sources. 

Don’t use Wikipedia to:

  • make citations. Never cite Wikipedia as a source.
  • find factual information. In theory anyone could write and edit Wikipedia articles and you cannot be sure that it is a reliable source.