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Literature Search at Roskilde University Library: Citations and Documenting your Search Proces

In this guide you get an introduction to how and where you can search for literature

Mendeley Reference Manager

With Mendeley software you can organize your literature and make references in for instance word in a desired citation format. When you make references with Mendeley you can also generate a literature list with a few clicks. Mendeley supports collaboration and groupwork. The library regularly offers free courses in Mendeley (currently online because of COVID-19 restrictions).

Read more about Mendeley here.

Sign up for a Mendeley course here.


Good academic work builds on and relates to previous work. Therefore, citations are important. Through citations you give credit to the authors you are inspired by and avoid plagiarism. Citations demonstrate good academic work and furthermore help your reader to find and read the sources you have worked with.
There are several different standard formats for referencing e.g. APA, Chicago and MLA. Below you find a reference in Chicago format. If you want to know more about citations read our guide here.

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Are you worried about plagiarism? We wrote a guide about to avoid it here.