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Welcome to this LibGuide from Roskilde University Library about Creative Commons. The guide is aimed at the researches and research staff at Roskilde University.
The guide is created to be an informational resource designed to provide an overview of Creative Commons and its applications. Within the pages of this LibGuide, you will find resources, insights, and practical tips to deepen your understanding of Creative Commons licenses.

Selected books about Creative Commons

Why Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a key player when you want to share creative work. Even though 'Creative work' is as broad as being able to share paintings, music, poetry, films and design this guide will focus on the dissemination and sharing of research to illustrate where Creative Commons can help opening up research and why it is important that we share research openly with the global society.

Creative Commons is also very closely connecetd to Open Access:

Public access to publicly funded research.

In Denmark the Ministry of Higher Education and Science has laid out an Open Access strategy with the vision that all publications with a ISSN, which in reality means journal articles and contributions to conference proceedings, must be Open Access by 2025.
The vision of the strategy is that all citizens, researchers and companies can access and benefit from free accessibility to Danish research.
Open Access will result in new and improved research opportunities, particularly within interdisciplinary research, and improved access to research-based knowledge for companies and others.

Roskilde University follows this strategic goal, and via Green Open Access which means that you deposit a manuscript version of your research article in a repository (Pure or other external repository like arXiv), the University LIbrary helps to reach the goal of full Open Access to all research articles published by researchers affiliated to RUC.

You can find information on how Creative Commons and open Access is connected in the tab 'CC and Open Access'



If you have any questions about Creative Commons, feel free to reach out to Roskilde University Library's research support team on

Creative Commons explained


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