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New to RUC: Login and remote access


To be recognized as a library user from Roskilde University, you must use the WAYF login method when logging in to the library system This ensures access to the e-resources provided by the library.

The Library System is Roskilde University Library's library system. In addition to information about the library's materials, login to this system controls the user's access to the library's e-resources, login to the lending machines, the user account and contact information.

Your account in the library system

After logging in to the library system, you can find information about your account which can be useful when you use the library.

Click on your name in the right corner

Choose "Login and pin code"

Now you can change your contact information and logins


Account upgrading

If you are previously registered as a private user in the library and now affiliated with Roskilde University, your account will be automatically upgraded when you select the WAYF login method. In the process, answer yes to the question of whether you want to upgrade your account. This ensures access to the library e-resources.