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New to RUC: E-resources


In the library system you will find links to e-books from several different suppliers. The largest provider is e-book central. At e-book central, you can always read the book directly on the screen, but there may be restrictions on the number of simultaneous users. In this case, an electronic queuing system comes into force.

You can usually download a limited number of pages that do not expire, but downloading the entire book often has an expiration date after which the file is deleted. Downloading the entire book requires installation of ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS

In addition to ebook central, you can find e-books at other publishers and platforms, among others Taylor & Francis, Springer, Jstor. Usually they provide unlimited options for downloading the books in PDF format.


After logging in with WAYF, you can access the e-resources provided in the library system.

In the library system you will find both links to articles and to the journals themselves. Journals can appear with holdings from several suppliers and with different coverage.


Articles can also appear in the library system with multiple suppliers of the same article.

External users

Users who are not affiliated with Roskilde University can access the library's e-resources by using the PCs in the library building. This access requires registration as a user.